Project Portfolio


Over the past 10 years I have explored a number of self driven ideas and used my camera to help me understand the word a little better. Through the focus of the lens I try to tell a narrative story of the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have or the places I’ve been.

Current Project: Abington (2017-)

I moved out of my parents home aged 16 in 2000 and into a shared house with 2 friends in my home town of Northampton. The house was on the other side of town from where I grew up in a part of town called Abington. We could afford it because the house was on the verge of dereliction and it rapidly became the party house of my adolescent years despite moving out of the house only 6 months later.

Since then i’ve lived in two other properties in the area, all of them victorian town houses on terraced streets that can go from dereliction to mansion in a matter of 20 yards. Abington is the heart of Northampton- where the rich and poor, student and professional, drug addict and church goer all walk down the same main street daily and often say hello to each other. The ease in which a person can hold their head high and make eye contact with a stranger walking towards them is something i’ve not felt in big cities and is a part of the english identity that’s being lost.

This photo series is one i intend to work on over the coming months, across 2017.